By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A quick hello and a few snapshots from my Instagram feed!

We are currently "camping" at our place while our kitchen and laundry are getting renovated. Thankfully we have running water, a stove/oven and a dishwasher, otherwise I may have pulled out most of my hair by now!

We've had a bit of a sickly winter with all of us at one point or another catching something that is going around - boy, am I hanging out for warmer weather.

: : Currently Enjoying...

Catching up with old friends
Pears - can't get enough of them at the moment!
Watching Team NZ do so well in the America's Cup
Macaroons and Swiss chocolate
Husband naps
The two rabbits that live in our backyard (ex-pet ones that no one can catch)

Looking forward to the school holidays in less than two weeks - holidays always bring back my crafty/baking/blogging mojo.


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  1. Good luck with your renovations!!

  2. Aaaargh renos... So not fun during but totally awesome after! I too am totally LOVING pears and the AC at the mo :)

  3. Love your colorful life, PJ! And watching the America's cup over here is fantastic for us kiwis!

  4. All the best with the renovations. I'm loving pears too at the moment. Cx

  5. Replies
    1. Since that night at your Mums I have been into poached pears too!! mmmmm yummy!


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