Flower Face

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sometimes you need to urgently whip up a flower costume for your daughter to wear for the Children's Church play - that's where Symon comes in as handy dad of the year!  So far last week he's made a worm farm with one of our boys and cut out a giant flower mask... who knows what next week will entail...

He did a pretty good job for such short notice - one of the cutest flowers I've ever seen!

Thanks babe!!  Flower power!

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  1. haha cheer up cute little blossom!

  2. Ellymay9:39 pm

    All the kids did so well, this Grandma was really challenged with a new slant on the old old story, Go Kids church x x

  3. that is the cutest, chubbiest little flower (the non-Symon one) I've seen a long time! And Symon was pretty funny too!


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