By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I've finally joined the Instagram bandwagon (sorry Stephen, but I just couldn't resist) and thought I'd give you a sneak peek into my week since my blogging hasn't been too regular lately...

: : The blanket is still coming together
: : The Boo and the Barney are still pretty much sleeping their lives away
: : The 5 year old is now reading books with very big words (and she's proud of it)
: : Chocolate is my comfort food of choice this week
: : I still love the art in my loo

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  1. Wow, that blanket is pretty! Oh and kudos to the 5 year old! I'm on instagram too @chinkygirlmel

  2. LOVE that blanket and *just quietly* I think chocolate 'may' be most girls choice of comfort food *grin*
    Isn't instagram fabulous xxx

  3. I really miss you blogging regularly.
    Instagram is beyond my reach... until i join this century and get a smartphone, I'll just have to drool over your blog pics.

  4. Welcome to Instagram! It's my latest addiction, proven by the fact I now go on regular Instadates and Instawalks with people I met on there! Weird, but fun. I'mm off to look you up now.... (i'm @redparka) Enjoy! x


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