Christmas Wish List...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, August 13, 2012

No, I'm not one of those crazy people who have already done their Christmas shopping by the middle of the year.  Our wee 5 year old is seeming that way though, as she peers into the distant future (with Christmas only 4 months away), we've already been issued with her Christmas wish list, and we had to have a wee giggle at her cute demands requests.

So far, this is what she'd love:

$33 (yes, she'd love $33.  Apparently that's how much a Minecraft account costs?)

A lock up box (every 5 year old girl dreams of having their own lock up box...)

Lollys (no explanation needed here)

A different cover for my bed (new duvet cover)

A pet dog (apparently one dog isn't enough - she wants her own)

X-Box 360 for myself (cause each family member should have their very own one)

Water proof lip stick (she was obsessed with how the Synchronised swimmers lip stick stayed on during the Olympics)

Videos, Books, Toys, and a new Geta (her guitar only has 2 strings).

Cute - and sweet that she thinks we are rolling in $$$ to be able to afford so many things for Christmas.

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  1. Tell your gorgeous girl there is an 8 year old boy in our house who asked me for $30 (exchange rate) in Australia for a Mine Craft game too. Tee hee, love Posie

  2. wow so cute? oh you aren't rolling in it? haha! love the $33 and the xbox ones!

  3. Cute!! My son keeps coming up with more and more things that he wants to get, and I keep telling him that we need to come home and make his list but we keep forgetting! :)

  4. A Geta, too cute!

  5. I think the lipstick should be a must. xxxx

  6. I need $33 and a lock up box too! ;)

  7. I like the way she got in first and super early.
    I took my son around kmart to kill time the other day. Apparently he wants everything - I just told him to write it on his list (he is 3, so am guessing writing a list is unlikely...)

  8. Hilarious and so cute. I remember being very specific with my wish lists too!


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