By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Just a quick hi via a short Vlog (below), because as you all know, the Kiwi accent is the best in the whole world!

Things have been a bit busy around here lately with a new job etc, so there hasn't been as much time for crafting and baking.  

I love my job and all that it entails, and I even got the courage to do a bit of crochet in the lunch room the other day too.  I didn't get too many strange looks which was great.  Who knows, I might even convince a few others to bring their crochet or knitting along as well. ;)

Anyways, I just had to say hi to you all... and I must say that I always think I sound funny when I hear myself.  Anyone else feel the same with they hear their own voice recorded?

Ha ha - bye!

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  1. Haha! Made me smile! :) Your little ones are adorable!!!

  2. Yay a vlog!! Love hearing our awesome kiwi accent from far away :) Love your background too!

  3. I so relate to thinking you sound weird when hearing a recording (singing is even worse). What I think I sound like when speaking: *George Clooney*. What I actually sound like: *drowning possum*.

  4. you guys are gorgeous, and Kristy I don't think your accent is half bad actually!! (maybe as a fellow Kiwi I just don't 'hear' it like expats might, but it sounds ok to me). I love that you have video footage with your girls not just photos...there's something so cool about looking back on videos years later :-)

  5. your girls are adorable!
    and, you are pretty cute yourself :o)

  6. Aww...cute cute cute. Lovely seeing a gorgeous mama hanging with her gorgeous gals xxxx

  7. Love ya Kristy!!! Im totally taking my crochet to work for my lunch break...seems a waste to NOT do it in that time..lol

  8. hiya!!!!
    so cute
    and quite!!!!!

    love and light

  9. Your girls are adorable! I love seeing vlogs. It's fun to hear people's voices. That shelf is really cute! Have fun decorating :)


  10. Awww you and your girls are beautiful!
    Love the accent! I'm from Brazil so my accent is not only a different English accent, but is English with Portuguese in it! LOL

  11. Wow, brings a whole new dimension to blogging!!! Very nice to meet you all. My daughter watched it with me and then said, "I want to watch those girls again, Mommy." We watched it a second time, then she said, "I wish I could go to that girls house, Mommy." I had a chuckle, as we are half way around the world in Northern Maine, USA.
    Loved it!!

  12. love it!

    hello to you and your lovely daughters! hope your new job continues to go well. I am sure people will be asking you tips on crochet soon;-).. i know i would!

    have a blessed week blogging friend!

  13. Awww.. lovely! Gorgeous 3 Drakie girls :)
    We need to SEE your lovely face and HeAR your lovely voice in person soon!! :)
    Lots of luv


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