Things I'm Loving

By PaisleyJade - Friday, June 10, 2011

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

Making my lovely Mum a special birthday cake yesterday... a chocolate cake with strawberry butter cream icing and chocolate hearts!  Love you so much Mum!!

Sisterly love and new haircuts!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse! Favourite flavour would have to be Caramel... delicious!!

Family bush walks... even though there was a few grizzles, someone stepped in a doggy doo, a few of us slipped over in mud, everyone got tired and we all got lost - we did have fun in the end (I think?)...

Being given my very own V60 PourOver by an awesome couple I know (thanks Chris & Ginny) who sell their amazing (roast to order) Beanlab coffee here.

Making my first ever Vlog! Linking up here with Gail at Delightfully Diva-ish.  Now you can hear what I really sound like (my strange Kiwi Accent and husky voice) and also see me eating a carrot (haha).  I dare you to join in and have a go!

Freebie Link Love... free Softie Doll tutorial here, cute printable library cards, and check out these very cool printable birthday invites here!

Here's how you can join in....
Link up below with your blog post telling us what thing/s you are loving, and don't forget to link back to here in your post (or use this button below) and visit the others who have joined in too. Linky open until Sunday!!


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  1. YUM .. that cake looks divine! Nice vlog too :-)

  2. You're beautiful. And you dont sound too different to us. Our church also houses an international Bible School so we've got students representing many areas of the world.
    Our pastor & his wife are from New Zealand and their son & daughter just came in September to be students. The daughter in law teaches kids church with me and teaches my daughter violin. We LOVE the N.Zealand accent...cant get enough:)

  3. aaaahhhhh so cool to hear your voice! and see your chewed up food even! ;) ;) hahahahahaha
    love the girls cute new haircuts, Miss 7 is looking so grown up!

  4. Love that cake - that is naughtiness personified! And so nice to put a voice to the lovely Kristy finally. Very virtuous eating carrots on camera ;-)

  5. haha, love your vlog!
    Esp the carrot eating!

  6. Im sure your mum will love her cake - its beautiful!!

    neat vlog :)

  7. I just love your group shots of all your children together. The cake looks fantastic & just all round chocolately love over here. I'll be back to check the Vlog later, off to school - unfortunately 4 children don't get themselves ready & driven 25km themselves. One day!! Love Posie

  8. Don't you just love those well intended walks that go all funny!

    That cake looks too delicious too!

    Thanks for doing the Vlog. I will have to watch later cause I don't want to wake the kids just yet - it's really early here. Couldn't sleep cause it's too hot!!

    AND I'm having trouble linking in. The picture bit! Arghh. will persevere!

  9. Oooh that cake looks SOOOO good!
    Can just imagine the family bush walk, sounds a bit like our bunch!

  10. You're killing me with the chocolate, here! Tthe cake looks delish & the mousse -- well it's chocolate & caramel ♥!)

    ooooooops -- my bad -- Looks like I've got two linkies on your page. I don't know how to remove one. Sorry!

  11. PJ you are too cute :)
    Love the vlog, carrot-eating and all.
    Hehehehe about the bush-walks!! that's SOOO family life aye??
    Best of intentions...

    gorg haircuts...
    and WOW that CAKE!!!!
    What a simple idea... I am going to borrow that one!!!

  12. you make the most beautiful desserts ever! I am sure they taste wonderful too. :) I am happy to be back keeping up on blogs again.. I felt like I got to "meet" you with the video. loved it. what a darling little girl too!

    lord bless your weekend!!!

  13. love the cake, so simple and so awesome!

  14. Love the cake! And loving your kiwi accent!

    hahaha and the bushwalk you think you loved!?

    You guys are just to cute!

  15. Ha love it! Kiwi accents are the best xox

  16. Love the cake - in fact I may have to request something similar from my hubby for my birthday this year! Cool vlog too :-)

  17. wow, that cake looks spectacular! Great vlog - I'd forgotten how strong the kiwi accent is!!

  18. loving those girls of yours...cuuute...!

  19. great job on that cake!! wow. and you are sooo adorable and funny. :) you do realize that most americans are enamored by and WISH they had a cool accent, right?? well, at least i do. LOVE it!!!! and your kiddos are so cute too.

  20. Loved your Vlog. Not brave enough here, but enjoying blog people becoming more real when you put a face and now voice to a blog. Your family photos and cake are inspirational yet again. Cx

  21. Amazing, beautiful cake! Is there no end to your talents?! Good on you for going on a family walk. I did heaps growing up & often some drama... and plenty of lessons learned in perseverance, motivation, patience, commitment, encouragement and humour!!

    Will take a look at the Vlog over weekend. Rugged up in bed with Alice right now x have a great weekend :)

  22. Fab idea for the cake!!! Looks great! Plus that caramel mousse chocolate - YUM - I wish I was snuggled up with the couch tonight with a bar of that! Cute sister love and I love family bush walks - grizzles, doggy doo, mud slips n all!

  23. what a fun link party topic! i'll have to prepare for next week! thanks for stopping by the other day! i'm a new follower of yours now! andiejaye @ crayonfreckles

  24. Anonymous9:11 pm

    you have the cutest family :)
    that cake looks delicious, it even made my mouth water jut looking at it!

  25. Anonymous9:30 pm

    That cake so spins my wheels in terms of asethetics - it's very cool!

  26. You always make your cakes look so pretty and special for everyone:) Love the photo of the sisters...reminds me of my two girls when they were little:)

  27. Cute vlog! and yummy cake, its the evening as I write this, and now I am comtemplating baking! hmmmn?

  28. loving the chocolatey goodness in your list this week - beautiful cake and totally love the new cadbury mousse chocolate (all 3 varieties - hmm, spot the piggy!!)

  29. LOVE the vlog!!! What fun! Must try that one out when I get the chance.

  30. That cake is tremendous...
    ...and I can't believe you're old enough to have children that big. AMAZING.

  31. you are the cutest!
    and i love your real voice.
    good job. that's brave to post your real self. i know.
    and the cakes...oh heavens!

  32. love your vlog! :)

  33. ohh love the chocolate and strawberry buttercream cake ..:D looks yummm ...


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