Love hopes for the best...

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've been on a journey - a journey of learning to love the unlovely (you may remember me talking about it back here at the start of the year).

Really loving people can be seriously difficult sometimes, especially when you try to do it in your own strength (and when the people in question are not easy to love).

Letting Jesus love people through you is a whole different story though - because He is Love... pure love.

While on my journey, there has been one simple phrase that has transformed my perspective on loving others. Thanks to my darling soul-mate, I often get reminded of this phrase while complaining, getting suspicious or despairing over people.  I am reminded that "love hopes for the best".

What an inspiring thought... "love hopes for the best".  Love doesn't think the worst about people, it doesn't get all suspicious, it doesn't plan for the very worst outcome, and it certainly doesn't throw away any chance of a change in a persons character.

Love hopes for the best.

Imagine what our world would look like if we all just started to hope for the best in people.  Imagine if each and every person was encouraged and inspired, rather than criticized and demeaned.  What would our cities be like if hope and love were spread over them like a salve to the soul.

I really do think we would see some changes.  Actually, I know we would.

It all has to start somewhere - with someone... and that person is me (ahem... and you too).

"...let us stop just saying we love each other; let us really show it by our actions" 1 John 3:18

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  1. Great post .. this seems to have come up a couple times round me lately .. maybe God is trying to tell me something?! I "LOVE" it hehe ;-)

  2. Beautiful INSPIRING post. Thank you.

  3. Im with Sima...God must be telling me something too!

  4. This is beautiful, and so, so true. I've had people tell me I'm foolish for loving someone with unsavory character traits persistently, but I know they are wrong, because I know that the God's love is why my character is becoming less and less unsavory. And God's love sure is persistent.

  5. A beautiful post PJ. I have seen many examples of love lately and it sure has given me a warm fuzzy feeling.
    Not only does love hope for the best but it also brings hope.
    I love this post :-)

  6. Anonymous10:39 am

    Aaah when does this ever NOT apply? But at the moment, I too am on a bit of a love journey... I don't want to reach out, it's not in my nature to be 'out there' but God is showing me how. And this post is such an encouragement! xx

  7. such a great post...and such a great reminder! LOVE this post!

  8. a very worthy topic to dwell on, indeed! i think it's very often the case that the seemingly most un-loveable are actually in need of the most love.

  9. Anonymous4:12 pm

    So good! I am on a similar journey. Loved your thoughts here xo

  10. Thank you so much for your message. I love, Love hopes for the best! Such a powerful thought. Why is it so hard to love sometimes?? And the people who are the hardest to love need it the most! Thanks again for sharing!

  11. i always know that i will be cheered up by your blog..not only did it cheer me up it inspired me. i try my hardest to make every contact i have with someone positive and at times when i dont get the same response back i find it all too tempting to give up on them...thanks for reminding me to keep on spreading the love even if it takes many meetings to get through.
    p.s. lovin the yeti!!

  12. An excellent post! My thoughts EXACTLY.

  13. This is really good, and so true. I really appreciate you sharing these thoughts. ♥

  14. Anonymous2:31 am

    Oh my Kristy, I do love this post!
    And you know I love you!
    I think your hubby is pretty wise..I needed that reminder...that loves hopes for the best.
    I can quite often be that person, the 'complaining, getting suspicious or despairing over people' kinda person.
    Thanks for the perspective my friend.
    You know I appreciate your honesty & adore your heart.
    (Can't wait for that coffee one day, whoever gets to the other first ;)
    xx Stacey

  15. it was the reading at mass this morning! Loving the KIND people who love you is EASY.....
    it is loving the unlovable that we are called to do

    I love this

  16. Anonymous10:23 am

    Good words girl, I love that you absolutely own your journey and your faith xx

  17. What a great post to take me into the weekend:) Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Hey! Love the blog and also thanks by stoping to leave a comment on mine a while back! I am your newest follower! Come follow me? :D


  19. that is lovely.
    and hard to do.
    i need to work on it.

  20. I am just reading through your posts, and have now realised you are a Christian.... this is exciting... I am excited to follow a bit more! Thanks for the blessing! xo

    Have you read no greater joy mum blog and a holy experience.... two of my favs!

    Love Rach xx


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