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By PaisleyJade - Monday, March 28, 2011

It's been a very wet weekend with constant rain, but still, a tonne of good times was had...

Gala day fun, which of course had to include candy floss...

Getting together with our lovely friends from Japan (the kids loved their softies)...

Of course we had to celebrate their safety with cake (double layer chocolate - mmmmmmmmmm)...

And taking time to rest and relax is always a must (such a pity that Boo is about the only one who gets to do that though)...

I hope your weekend was special too.

Joining in with {Life Made Lovely Monday}

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  1. Im so stingy I make my two share one candy floss its a lot of sugar. Gutted I forgot about that fair. I had a hangi there last reason in itself to go ;)

  2. haha Jacksta I get my kids all their own candyfloss so they can all "share" a bit me me...;)
    So glad your friends are safe!

  3. Yikes - I've never seen BLUE candy floss before!!!

  4. ha - we don't usually let the have it - but the grandparents had given them money to spend and oh well...

  5. Coolness.
    I've never seen blue candy floss either!

  6. Anonymous1:10 pm

    We had a lovely weekend here as well. Including a delicious cake. Weekends are always better with cake aren't they?

  7. Ok totally cracking me up that you guys call it "candy floss" and that you've never seen it in blue! Pink and blue are the standard cotton candy colors around here :)

  8. Ohhh nothing like yummy candy floss....mmmmm :) Kendyl has yet to experience long may that last before she becomes an addict (Asher already is!).

    Love the pic of Boo...she looks like she's taking a self portrait...heehee.. :)

  9. Candy "floss" sounds so funny to me -Haha! Your weekend looks lovely! :)

  10. you make rainy days look good!!!
    cute softies, i am sure the new owners will give them years of good lovin'

  11. awww your kids are sweeter then the candy they're eating! especially your daughter are dolls!

    I cannot remember when the last time was I ever had candy floss... remember being all sticky because of it though :D

    Hope you could relax a little after all that fun, and mimic Boo, he's a good example to all of us! (I also love the ways cats can curl up, make me wish I could)

    X Nien

  12. cotton candy!!!!!
    enough said!!!


  13. Love the first pic! My daughter loves it too!

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  14. Ellymay4:35 pm

    The last time I ever had candy floss was back when the anual AMP show was held in the old building where the Victoria bridge is, how long ago is that!!!!, that and Hot dogs were a must. Just love the pictures of Boo.


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