By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Our eldest daughter just turned 17! 

She loves art, so part of her birthday present was travelling to Auckland a few days earlier to have a special girls roadtrip and visit the Auckland Museum and see the Van Gogh live experience. It was amazing!

Highly recommend seeing it if you ever get the opportunity (it travels around the world).

This year our daughters birthday fell on Mother's Day which made her actually birthday a very busy day... 2 services at church as well as visiting two sets of grandparents as well as celebrating our girl!

What a busy weekend! I'm so glad her birthday doesn't fall on Mother's day every year.

We had an amazing morning at church where some of our ladies shared their journey as Mother's through infertility, burnout and solo parenting. So good! Listen here or watch here

Love you Shemayah! 

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