Easy Mario Kart Cake!

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, October 22, 2019

My second eldest son has just turned 18, and even though he's probably too old for novalty cakes, we decided to make him a fun one this year, because 18 is pretty massive... and our whole family still loves playing Mario Kart! 

This is such a simple cake to make and could easily be changed for any type of cake. All you need are figurines, or in our case Mario themed cars and a cake to ice! I also had the help of my hubby and future daughter on law, so when I say "I" below, it's actually one of us 3 doing the work! 😂👇

How to:
I baked my favourite chocolate cake recipe, but any cake (homemade or bought) would suffice. I then covered the cake in a thin layer of green butter icing and reserved the rest for piping later. 

To make the road I bought a packed of royal icing at my local supermarket and some black gel colouring. I kneaded the colouring into the bought icing (while wearing rubber gloves so I didn't stain my hands). This gave me the perfect grey road colour! We rolled the icing out, measured and cut a strip for the road and lay it over the cake and trimmed the excess off the edges. You could use any colour here for a variety of cake options - the world is your oyster! 

Once the road was in place, we piped the rest of the green butter cream icing around the road to look like grass, added the cars (with a bit of icing under each to help them stick) and also added a home made sign. 

I then made sure the cake was put in the fridge for a while to harden the icing. 

We loved how this cake turned out - it was so simple to make but still looked and tasted great! 

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  1. What size and shape cake pan? You say royal icing....is that fondant for the road?

    1. Hi Pattycakey. Just used a normal round cake pan (not sure what size sorry) and yes it's white white Fondant icing for the road that we added black coloring to.

  2. Where did you get the Mario Kart finish line flag at??

    1. My husband just printed it - found the name graphic online and added checkers..

  3. Can you make the flag available to print?

    1. Hi! He found the Mario Kart logo online and cut and pasted it onto a free checkered clip art. He doesn't have it anymore sorry.


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