Loft Bed Room Renovation.

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, February 13, 2019

When we first bought our old bungalow doer upper, we focused on completing our 4 children's bedrooms first, so that they could enjoy their spaces while we took our time renovating the rest of the house.  Well, we have definitely taken our time for sure as 3 years on and we are still working away slowly on this home. Thankfully we have only a few more spaces to renovate! 

I assumed I'd be posting our ensuite renovation here as our first completed reno for 2019, but surprisingly there is a room redo that has beaten it to this space - our daughter's bedroom redo (including a loft bed)! 

Our youngest daughter's bedroom is tiny (just fits a bed and not much else), so when we first renovated it (see here) we decided to create more space in the room by shortening her bed. This worked great for the next 2 years, but recently we realised that wasn't going to work as she is 1 year off being a teenager! With her 12th birthday coming up (it's today!) we decided a great birthday surprise would be to finally make the loft bed she'd always dreamed of having, thus creating a full length bed for her to sleep comfortably in and also making heaps of space underneath for her to relax and play in.

The loft bed...

The view down below...

Thanks to my amazing guy, this room redo was completed over a few of his days off and looks amazing! It has created such a sense of space and has made her room perfect for her as she enters the teen years in the near future. 

We reused a lot of her old accessories, and added a few new pieces like the large grey bean bag from Kmart and white wall shelf (only $7 from The Warehouse)  and also recycled some old desk legs and wood into a scandi style desk.

We love it and she does too! 

For a video tour of the room, see here

For room paint details etc, see original room post here

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  1. Anonymous8:17 am

    It's amazing! You guys are so talented. You have such an artistic flair, you could be an interior designer and Sy is so clever with designing and crafting the loft bed. It looks so tidy!

  2. Wow. You guys are amazing! I’d love to work for you


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