Reusable Shopping Bag (with Storage Pocket)

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I'm loving the fact that more and more shops are choosing to get rid of single use plastic bags. I'm also loving making a personal effort to cut down on using plastic myself. 

I recently made a fabric shopping bag with a small internal pocket that can be used to hold your phone, keys or wallet while you shop, but that also is a little pocket to fold the bag into when you aren't using it. 

Since then, a few people have asked for a tutorial.  Now let's be frank... I am the most casual (aka lazy) person that I know when it comes to sewing, so below is a mega simple step by step guide to making your own reusable shopping bag with pocket. 

Please note: I apologise for not ironing as I go... because it's going to be continually crinkled due to being stored in a pocket when not in use, I didn't feel the need to bring out the iron! 

Step 1
Cut out two pieces of rectangular shaped fabric and pin together with insides facing out. This will be for your main bag, so cut size to suit what size bag you'd like, leaving extra fabric to allow for seams. 

Sew fabric together on 3 of the 4 sides, leaving the opening at the top. Once you've stitched those together, you can zig zag the edges for extra stength. I like to use the zig zag stitch on the edge of the seams to keep from fraying. 

Step 2
Cut two long matching strips of fabric for your bag handles. Sew these lengthways (with inside fabric facing out), then turn inside out and sew again on both sides to make edges neat. 

Step 3
Cut out a smaller rectangle shape to use as the internal pocket. 

Sew a little edge on one of the shorter sides, then pin leaving a portion of the fabric overlapping (as seen in photo below), and sew down outer sides to form a pocket. 

Turn pocket inside out so that it is the right way, and sew down sides to make tidy.

Step 4
Pin the seam around the top of your bag by rolling the edge over twice.

Once pinned in place, carefully place pocket in centre of one side and pin into top seam ready for sewing.

Do the same with the bag handles, pinning both handles on both sides.

Neatly sew around the bag edge, sewing the pocket and handles into place as you go. 

Tuck the bag handles back over and sew into place again second time around. 

Step 5
Trim off any loose pieces of cotton and turn your bag out to its correct way. 

Marvel at how clever you are then turn your bag into its pocket and marvel again  at your brilliance! 

For more crafty makings, go here.

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