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By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Today I am officially 40 years old!

I don't feel any different inside than when I was 30 (and I'm assuming I will feel the same way as I hit each new decade), but there are definitely a few more aches in the knees and grey hairs on the head!

I'm looking forward to this next chapter - I believe the best way to live life is to embrace each phase and live it to the full.  There is no looking back, so why pine for the past when you can enjoy the now.  So many people don't get to reach this age, so why complain when it's something to be so thankful and grateful for.

I'm not really a big birthday party sort of girl - I love hanging out with my family and small groups of friends but get slightly nervous in big crowds when the attention is on me (which makes being a pastor fun!), so the thought of a big 40th birthday party slightly scared me and got me thinking of alternative options.  In the end, it worked out to be the best birthday yet - with 4 amazing days of celebration.

Part 1:

Two of my lovely friends (in Whangarei) and I have mentioned doing a road trip together a couple of times in the past, and I had a brilliant idea of seeing if we could head down to Auckland and also meet up with two of my other beautiful friends (from Auckland and Cambridge) for a meal together.  Somehow it all worked out (thanks to everyone for making it happen) and we ended up having the best time together which included...

Wandering around the Matakana Village Farmers Market on our way down to Auckland...

The most delicious platter for lunch at Ascension Wine Estate...

A delicious three course meal at Tapestry Dining where I had the awesome chance to have all 4 of my besties in one spot together!  We had such a good time with lots of laughs, and I just knew everyone would get on well.

I'm so thankful to God for each of these beautiful girls - each one is such a blessing and it's a privilege to have them in my life.

After a night in Auckland, we decided to check out the La Cigale French Markets on our way home the next morning.  So many delicious pastries, meats, cheeses and more!  I'm so keen to visit again sometime soon.

Thank you Jackie, Joy-Lynn, Anya & Annika for the best time and for spoiling me!  Love you girls!!

Part 2:

Another crazy idea I had for my 40th was spending some time with my Mum, Nana, Mum-in-law and Aunty watching the 6 hour BBC version of Pride & Prejudice - making a whole day of it.  Everyone was keen - although I did feel a bit bad as I knew for some people that would be a dream day and for others it could be like a day of torture!  Thankfully it wasn't a day of torture for anyone (except for one of my sons who hid in another room).  We had the best time snacking all throughout the episodes and ended the afternoon with my Dad and Symon & the kids joining us for afternoon tea.

I am so grateful for these beautiful women in my life, who aren't just family but precious and dear friends.

I felt so spoiled, especially with all the goodies my Mum prepared for the day and the gifts I received.

Check out the beautiful cactus aprons my Mum sewed with some fabric we spotted recently.  I love them so much!!

Part 3:

Today was a day filled with relaxing, shopping and celebrating my birthday with Symon.  Of course there was still washing to fold, meals to cook and homework to help with, but it was a beautiful day with lots of love, handmade cards from the kids and special moments.

So Happy Birthday to me - and here's to the next year ahead!  If I've learned one thing from this birthday, a little bit of organising can make your special day end up the best day ever. 

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