Earring & Brooch Felt Shapes

By PaisleyJade - Monday, January 09, 2017

As a young girl I was a bit of a 'Tom Boy', so was never really into jewellery, especially earrings. Over the years my love for necklaces and earrings has grown, and along with that, the problem of storing them has grown as well.

Until today, my earrings were haphazardly stuffed into a container which made them hard to see and use, especially when in a rush.

Today I decided to solve my sorting problem and came up with the super simple idea of cutting up some felt (recycled from an old laptop case) and finally organising my earrings for ease of viewing and use.

I cut the felt into various fun shapes - you could do anything from circles, hearts, triangles, cactuses... then added the earrings and was super happy with the result.

Presenting a tidy and easy to use way to display your earrings and brooches.

And if you were wondering, here are some of my favourite places to buy earrings.... Twig and Little, NattyAliExpress and Kmart!

For more crafty makings, visit here.

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