Christmas Eve

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's Christmas Eve here in New Zealand.

The Peppermint Bark has been made...


The Christmas lights visited...

My Christmas Spotify Playlist has been thrashed.  Listen here.

Early Christmas gifts have been discovered - this one a little bit hard to try and hide...

In all the excitement and festivities, I'm so aware of the mixed feelings that come at this time year... the stressed out parents cleaning, cooking, still working etc.  The families with solo parents or awkward family gatherings that they are dreading.  There are people in hospital when they'd love to be at home this Christmas, or those struggling financially.  

I often find my heart is torn between enjoying this season as well as feeling heartbroken at the pain I see around me.

That's why this Christmas, I want to remember it's not all about gifts, food, a clean and tidy house and perfect family circumstances... it's about taking the time to love those around us, and help those that we can.

Sending our love to you this Christmas - enjoy your family, keep a thankful heart and most of all remember the reason we celebrate - for life and hope were given to mankind through the birth of Jesus!

Merry Christmas from the Drake family!

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