By PaisleyJade - Saturday, October 22, 2016

After an amazing week away in the Gold Coast, it has been back to reality for us all.  Lately we've been...

Busy renovating again.  As soon as we arrived home from our holiday, we spent a few days in our garden, laying weed matting, planting plants and covering them in black bark.  Finally, after a year of overgrown gardens our outdoor area is looking tidy! Our kitchen has also slowly been coming together.  While we were away we had our floors stained black and we are loving how they look. Thank you Ted for such an amazing job (we would highly recommend Ed's Floor Sanding Whangarei if you need your floors done and live locally).

Celebrating our second eldest boy's birthday who is now 15 years old!!  How did this wee guy turn into this guy below???  This guy is super precious, and has such a sweet heart.

Although, he may have to stay away from titanium rings for a while after recently getting one stuck on his finger which resulted in a visit to our local hospital to have it removed!

I'm loving our church blog and had the awesome pleasure of writing a little piece on their recently. We have a great bunch of authors contributing pieces regularly, so check them out here to be inspired and encouraged.

Enjoying some sunny days and looking forward to summer coming!

Getting back into a bit of crochet - currently working on this mustard granny square blanket...

Enjoying this precious family of ours.  Our eldest is nearing the end of school and has a few options ahead for next year.  It just feels like the other day we dropped him off to his first day at school!

Looking forward to sharing some kitchen renovation pics with you soon.  Have an amazing week!

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