By PaisleyJade - Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's been a rather busy few weeks with one too many kitchen renovation dramas and too many winter bugs still lingering.  It's time for some good old fashioned reminiscing and thankfulness...

Thankful for my sweet girl and an amazing camera and lens we were gifted by two different people in the same week!  Can't wait to start learning how to take proper photos... it's all about moving away from the comfort of the 'auto' button people!!

Thankful for great friends who go on road trips with you especially to taste delicious goodies!  We loved our visit to Makana cafe!!

Thankful for our coffee machine and crochet!  When you've been washing dishes in tubs for a few weeks, and don't have much of a space to call a kitchen, little things like being able to make delicious coffee at home is a bonus!

Loving exploring our local Quarry Gardens...

And Boo - we love this sweet girl.  She may be getting older, have a strange aversion to baths and be scared of our cat Barney when he sleeps in her bed, but she's a sweety.

Loving getting to make my very own Bubble tea at home recently after being given some Bubble Tea pearls.  I love coconut, so tried this recipe and loved it!

Loved going to the hairdressers recently - I was only about 4 months late in spending my Mother's Day present!

Hockey season is over - our girl's last game so so exciting to watch (I think I may have embarrassed her and her team with my yelling and shrieking!).

Loving my family - and so looking forward to the term break coming up soon and getting to spend some good time with them.

So remember to take stock of the good things, and remind others to as well.  As my good friend Annika recently shared, Perspective is Everything!

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