By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Quickly think of 5 things you are really thankful for right now in your life.  

Did you do it?  It's amazing how quickly your attitude can change when you focus on the good stuff isn't it?!

This last month has been full of some pretty tough stuff for our family - and it's soooooo easy to get overwhelmed and focus only on the negative things happening, when in fact there is a lot of good happening as well.

So I'm taking up my own challenge and keeping a thankful heart despite the circumstances, and I encourage you to as well...

Thankful for winter woollens now that it's starting to get cooler around these parts!  I was given this cute thrifted jumper (with one of my favourite things on it) by a very sweet girl (thank you Kate!!). Love it so much!

and this quick slouchy beanie I made (adapted this pattern here).

Thankful for coffee!

... and the foresight to teach my boy how to make a good coffee, so he can make me coffees whenever I ask to add to his life skill set.

Thankful for a great school for our children.  Our kids recently ran in their school Cross Country - our last one with all the kids competing (our son's last year at school)...

Thankful for our eldest boy Jasher.  He turned 17 last week, and is growing into a lovely guy.   Love you Jashe!!

Thankful funny and sweet Mother's day gifts... my "Happy Hother's day" card was a funny typo that ended up working out pretty well...

Thankful for beautiful flowers...

Quirky jewellery...

And most of all, thankful for family and friends, those special people we get to do life with, in all the ups and downs.

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