By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We are enjoying a long holiday round these parts!  There has been a lot of relaxing, a bit of renovating, lots of creating, games & puzzles, hanging with friends and family, delicious food and a few road trips.  There hasn't been too much sun during this New Zealand summer, but the rain has been great for the farmers around these parts, and our vegetable garden.  Here's to some more beach trips in the near future.

Lately I've been loving...

Seeing the New Year in with lovely friends.  The kids all thought it was pretty exciting getting to stay up late to see the New Year in.  Fabulous company, food, a poor attempt at playing pool on my part, and some awesome classic fireworks at midnight!

Loving exploring our local waterhole.  When you walk along a track further into the bush it leads you to a couple of waterfalls, one perfect for jumping off.  I love New Zealand so much!!

Loving doing a puzzle just for fun.  After this one Symon went and bought a 2700 piece puzzle at the local thrift shop... let's just say after a few attempts we decided the puzzle phase had passed.

So enjoying this awesome frog enclosure Symon made for our daughter's 4 frogs she was given for Christmas.  The photo (taken on my phone) just doesn't do it justice... it is amazing, and created from scratch (an empty glass tank)!  Symon has uploaded a little video tour of it here.

Loving delicious snacks like home made Salsa (recipe to come), salted caramel macaroons, and home made Iced Tea!

I'm enjoying getting a few more squares done on this Granny Square blanket I started last year.  I had intended to edge it with white or cream, but now I'm not so sure!?

Loving road trips with the family.  Yesterday we headed up to Paihia after an orthodontist appointment in Kerikeri.  Such a beautiful day, and to top it off someone had given us a restaurant voucher to spend as a family.  It was such a blessing being able to spoil everyone with a night out to dinner in a nice restaurant (a real novelty for this family of 6!).  We dined at °South, Aquarium Restaurant and Bar - lovely food and the girls just loved checking out the large aquarium inside the restaurant!

For part of our journey we stopped off at Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri, a place we've been two a couple of times before.  Just for fun, Symon and the oldest 3 kids posed like an old pic we had from around 10 years ago when we were there.

Haven't changed much have they...


Have an amazing week!!

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