Birthday Girl (aka "Where has my baby gone!?!?")

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, May 09, 2015

Today we celebrated my Mother's Day baby - and as I look at this tall young lady, I do have to wonder where my baby has suddenly gone!

This sweet girl has such a caring nature, quirky sense of humour and lovely heart - she's such blessing!

Today we gathered with her best friend and grandparents and great Nana to celebrate - I still am blown away at what a blessing it is for our children to have both sets of grandparents and a Great Nana in their lives!  I love family so much!

The birthday cake requested was a plain chocolate cake - a sign that she is growing up (especially after last years party!).

Happy birthday to our sweet girl!  Praying for an amazing year ahead, filled with adventure and laughter and heaps of great memories made.

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  1. Wow she looks sooo cool. Can I be her friend?


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