Birthday Girl & Penguin Cake!

By PaisleyJade - Friday, February 13, 2015

Our baby girl is 8 today... how did that just suddenly happen?  Just the other day we held this precious bundle, amazed at her cute dimple and the smiles that started for her Dad within the first few days then suddenly she's 8!

This year our sweet girl had a party at home after school with her BFF, grandparents, great grandma and family - and of course there was a penguin cake!  I realised that for the last 3 years she has had penguin related birthday cakes too (here and here).  

F.Y.I. Her penguin obsession subsided for about a week when raccoons became the new thing, but penguins suddenly came back in fashion again (right before Christmas when I had already returned a penguin toy and book and tried desperately to find raccoon things - do you know how hard raccoon things are to find!!??!!).

Anyway, (rant over) we are so honoured to have both sets of Grandparents and Great Nana (June Nan) able to come and celebrate with us as well.  I love our family!

Yay for birthdays, celebrations and thankful hearts.  So thankful to God for this precious wee girl who keeps us on our toes, is the clown of the family and carries a sweet and caring heart.

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  1. Happy birthday to the birthday girl! What a great cake, I too love penguins!

  2. Lovely lovely. And yep, our babies are growing up waaay too fast. X


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