By PaisleyJade - Thursday, December 11, 2014

How are you all surviving out there?  It's that time of year where things can get a bit crazy with a million and one end of year functions and Christmas gatherings.  How do you handle the stress?

Here's a few of the things that have been happening in my world lately...

*I survived another birthday!  Yay!  Had a lovely day and felt super spoiled by my friends and family.  I even had an Instagram cake made for me by my lovely friend Jackie (she knows me too well)!

*Our awesome first born decided to be baptised - so proud of him coming to this decision on his own.

*Our two "middle kids" (hehe) both received special achievement awards at their recent school awards night (our poor youngest was a sobbing mess at not receiving anything - oh well, we told her to congratulate those who did and try again next year!).  Schools out - yay for holidays!

Apart from that, it's rather busy around here, with not much time for crafting, lazing about or breathing... but my one survival tip for getting through this crazy time of year is to make sure you keep your priorities in the right order... for me that's getting first with God each day and facing each day out of an attitude of REST rather than STRESS.  Secondly (and I'm not perfect at this), my husband and family come next - without them I'm totally undone.

So here's to putting your priorities right, remembering to laugh and keep the reason for the season at the top of the list.  

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  1. Love the catch up post Kristy! It sure has been crazy around here... I know we all will survive though and remembering the greatest gift we can ever get sure helps that! Enjoy the summer and I hope we can meet up again soon X

  2. Ah yes - thank you for the reminder to put my priorities right. I have been wallowing a wee bit (for a number of reasons) and feeling very un-Christmassy but your post (and Simone's) plus a wee chat with a couple of friends yesterday have helped reset my perspective. That cake was seriously awesome (Jackie is SO talented), and it must have been so awesome see your biggest little guy get baptized wow. Hoping you have a super blessed Christmas season lovely friend xx


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