The Bearded One & I

By PaisleyJade - Monday, July 07, 2014

Last week the Bearded One and I took a trip down to the big smoke all by ourselves.  My amazingly awesome Mum & Dad looked after our kids while we attended a gathering/mentoring week for senior pastors called Gathering of the Generals (it was absolutely amazing!).
While down there, we made sure we squeezed as much fun/time together that we could, whenever possible.

When you have a busy life with kids, sometimes the silence and lack of household chores to do can really come as a shock... a really, really nice shock.

Some of the things on our check list to do/try/visit were:

The Yellow Brick Road, Cronuts, Circus Circus, Bubble teaDress SmartThe Hard to Find Secondhand Book Shop

I didn't get to try Bubble Tea, and I probably need to point out also that only 1 thing on that list was actually Symon's.... the rest were mine (although he did enjoy his half of the cronut).

But it was good to get back home, and we celebrated with homemade sushi and Peanut Butter Banana Bonbons...

We are still taking a couple of days to get used to the loudness of the kids again (and the photobombing)...

To be frank, it's all rather exhausting...

But it's good to be home.

Thank you to the amazing team who organised and ran Gathering of the Generals, thanks to my amazing parents for looking after our tribe, and a big Happy Birthday to Symon's Mum who celebrated her 75th birthday while we were away!!

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  1. Hope you have made it to Little and Friday on one of your visits to Auckland? And Ugly Bagels? YUMMO! Glad the conference was amazing x

  2. OMGoodness look at that beard!!!!!!
    thats ridiculous!!! in such a fantastic kind of way

    good to see your face PJ

    love and light

  3. Well hey I haven't managed to make it to all those place yet and I'm born n bred Auckland. Yeah for grandparents and adult time xxx


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