Lost Dharma Cake!

By PaisleyJade - Monday, June 02, 2014

Tomorrow my eldest boy turns 15.  Fifteen!  How did that happen.

How did these cute we guys turn from this...

Into this?

Today is a public holiday (Queen's birthday weekend) so the perfect opportunity to send the younger kids off to Nana and Pops for the day and have a few guys around.

My boy is a total Lost TV series fanatic.  He only recently started watching the programme (yes, he's about a decade behind the times) and loves the series.  

While the guys were gaming in the lounge, Symon and I tried our best to make a Dharma Initiative shaped cake, and some crack up lost cupcake toppers.

They guys liked them (as far as I could tell) and we were pretty happy with our efforts.

I love my big boy heaps - Happy birthday for tomorrow!!

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  1. I love how Symon is in to the cake decorating too. Happy Birthday Jasher. Well done you two on 15 years of parenting. xx

  2. Wow the cake(s) turned out great. Nice that your other kiddies could stay elsewhere too for the night.


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