Six Years Blogging (& the Softie winner!)...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, April 28, 2014

Today marks 6 years since I began this journey called blogging. 

I still meet people who don't have a clue what blogging is, and I still feel slightly embarrassed when people tell me they read my blog.  Who knows why, but one thing I know for sure, it's been an amazing journey and I've met  of heaps of awesome people along the way.

When I started out in this space called PaisleyJade, my goal was to use it as a place to record family fun and try out various recipes and crafty endeavours - I've never really been that great with words and even now I occasionally get tongue-tied when talking to people and struggle to fully communicate my thoughts, yet somehow here my confidence started to grow, and through sharing my journey I've come to value this place so much.

From Mustache and Rainbow Cakes to Crochet, Grief and Faith, who knew that one little space could cover such a range of topics - and it's been good, really good.

So thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit this space!

To visit some of my Favourite Posts, go here.

Now, down to the bit you have all been waiting for...

The Winner of the Softie Draw for 2014 according to is...

Comment number 12!
  1. Ohhh that bun buns is so gorgeous I have to put my hand up!!! Yes please enter me in :) I promise to find him a good home (ours) hahaha xxxxxxxxxxxx
Yay for Neetz - a real life blogging friend (I promise this wasn't rigged at all)!  Congratulations - I will be in touch!

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  1. and congrats on 6 years Kristy!!

  2. awesome going 6 years!

  3. Oh FOR REAL??? do you know I just saw the announcement..... I scrolled down slowly with my fingers crossed like a schoolkid.......and YEEEEEEHHHAAAAA! I don't believe it...! Ohhhhhhh my own piece of PJ creation!! Thank you beautiful woman... and wow!! Do you think bun would like to come on an overseas trip with our family??? we leave on Sat!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx thanks xxxxx

  4. Awesome. Keep it up

  5. Well done Kristy on your blog's 6th birthday! I've been loving reading it since last May when yours was the first google result for a Coconut Haystacks recipe. I couldn't believe what a small world it is. We had just come back to the UK after month in NZ, mainly in Auckland where my son Stuart and his [now] wife Molly live. We hired a car in Whangerei and drove over to Baylys Beach for a few days for their wedding in Molly's home town, Dargaville.
    Molly's brother is due to become a Dad soon and I've been inspired by your blankets to crochet for the first time in maybe 20 years! Depending on where they settle the baby blanket will end up in Dargaville or Whangerei.
    [Can't promise I'll revive the blog I set up 3 years ago on blogspot though!]

  6. Congratulations for six years of blogging you have always been an inspiration to my blogging and a great role model! Thanks so much, Kristy. And Congratulations to Neetz too!

  7. Luv U GUYS

  8. Yay six year girl! I'm coming up right behind ya. Love that you're still blogging; you're an awesome blogger-role model and blog-friend x


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