Road Trip to Kerikeri

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last week the family took a road trip up North to Kerikeri.  While the main reason was for a special appointment for one of our kids, we made sure we made the most of the location with a picnic by the riverside and a quick trip to check out the Stone Store, New Zealand's oldest stone building! 

So much awesome history up in this part of New Zealand - and I must say, the Stone Store had a pretty awesome selection of Kiwiana goodies for sale.

I made sure the family were forced to have a few photos together - I honestly can't believe how quickly they are all growing up!

My proof: Here's a pic of Symon and the 3 eldest when we visited Kerikeri 9 years ago (in 2005) - it just feels like this trip was just the other day!  (p.s. we have visited there since by the way).

And look at them all now - along with the addition of number 4!!

Anyway, love my homeland, and loving my family (even if there were a few grizzles, fighting in the car on the way home and tears shed over minor issues like "he's looking at me").

*Due to my laziness, I didn't bother to take my proper camera on this road trip, so photos are courtesy of my mobile phone

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  1. Gosh, time flies doesn't it?! Good on you for making a 'normal' trip into something special. I had to laugh at the 'he's looking at me!' tears - my daughter cries about that too!

  2. What a cool day out, and we loved our time in Kerikeri too - I could have spent all day in the Stone Store, such cool stuff in there. But I'm a little freaked out by how tall your biggest boy is in these pics - is that a trick of the camera - or maybe the ground was sloping?! xx

  3. Lol "he's looking at me"
    did you get some makana chocolate?!

  4. LOL Megs I thought that too, that boy is a GIANT!!! And thank goodness we are not the only family with "he/she is looking at me"!!!!


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