By PaisleyJade - Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's a shame that people get to a place where they think they no longer need to learn.  To me, learning is as important as living and breathing - learning is a part of growing.

I'm not talking about learning stuff like maths (although that's important - and to be totally honest, I'm learning a lot of stuff while helping my 11 year old with his maths homework) but the sort of things you learn while doing life with those around you.

I learn heaps from my friends, my family, from God and especially from my kids. 

Here are some of the things I've been learning lately...

I've been learning that no matter what age you are, celebrate and be thankful.  Life is a precious gift and getting older is something to celebrate.  I loved celebrating Symon's Dad's 75th birthday last week - there was singing and laughter, great food and stories galore.  That's what living and celebrating life is all about (no moaning and embarrassment about age - that's how it should be!).

Lately, I've been reminded to see life through the wonder filled eyes of a child - I've been learning to celebrate the little things, like losing a tooth for the first time.  After going through all the "firsts" with the other three children, I've been reminded that through little eyes these small things are rather large and important. P.S. This wee one has a goal to collect and store every single tooth she loses. *squirm*

I've also learnt that my stomach isn't very strong when blood and drama (and precious little family friends) are involved.  Go here to find out more!

I've learnt that I need to enjoy the moment AND make sure I capture more snippets of life on video! We recently had our old videos of when the kids were babies put onto DVD.  It has been so precious to watch these over again and also watch our children watching themselves on DVD and all the love and fuss that was made over them as babies.  I realised that as they've grown older I've been a bit slack with videoing them - something I'm going to do a bit more often.
I'm learning not to underestimate these clever kids that we have the privileged of raising.  Our 11 year old blew us away earlier this week with a very cool speech at school.  His scientific explanations and big words even made me feel like I needed to go back to school.  One of his favourite words to use at home at the moment is "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" - yep, that's our boy (starting to save for University asap).

I'm learning that love and friendships are precious and need to be nurtured.  These things take effort to grow and thrive.  Taking time out for those I care about is super important.

I'm learning that true forgiveness isn't just about saying the words and pretending everything is okay. True forgiveness is about being able to look someone in the eye and know that things have been worked through and all is good.  Being able to see eye to eye - challenging huh?

Finally, I'm learning that fun doesn't always randomly happen, sometime you have to initiate it... then later you realise that you may just have taken one of your best "awkward family photos".

 What have you been learning lately?

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  1. Loving this post, I need to remember to do a lot of those things! xxx

  2. Love all the things you're learning and a glimpse into your world. Your family truly inspire me with your pure awesomeness xx

  3. great post - good reminders. Learning aye? It's a gift

  4. I love learning and reflecting. Yay for you!!! x

  5. ha he shot of you on the couch must make up for a lot of husband naps!

  6. I absolutely 100% agree. Learning just goes on and on and is so interesting!
    Learning this week to put disappointment and sorrow behind me, to recognize the season we are in and pray accordingly.
    Learning to trust God (that one just keeps coming back and back), that he is faithful, that he loves me, that he is working things out.
    Learning that things don't change overnight and that it's all a long slow process.
    Learning to pace myself and get others involved, not to take everything on.
    Learning not to panic!

    I love your point about forgiveness, that's so powerful and true.

  7. Love this list. Learning to change the things I can and let go of the things I can't change. Learning that sometimes things are not going to be the way I think they should be (relationships) and that's ok too xx


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