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By PaisleyJade - Monday, September 24, 2012

Lately, life has been full and busy.  There have also been many moments of stress and extreme tiredness.

This year has been crazy with a capital C, and boy have I learned some very important lessons when it comes to my family and me.

My family is like a garden, which when tenderly cared for, it can flourish and be amazing.  Yes, different seasons come and go, but it survives when well cared for.  

I think lately my family has been a bit like an overgrown garden, unattended to because of the busyness of life.  The weeds are starting to show... in fact I feel like I've been standing on the odd thistle and rake lying around lately because of how unkempt it is!  When life gets crazy, extra effort has to be sown into those areas that count.

So I'm taking that little bit of extra time to care for my garden... and for myself!

p.s. Don't you just wish your children thought you were like a soft panda!?!?  I know you're envious!

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  1. Oh I totally wish my kids thought I was a soft panda...hehe! cute!!
    I love your analogy to your family being a garden Kristy, such wise words

  2. One of mine stroked my bottom the other day and told me it was all soft and squishy. - I bet that makes you real jealous!!

  3. I have been thinking along these lines lately also. I get so overwhelmed at times and things fall to bits. I need to slow down and make sure I keep on track with the most important things.. my family. P.s where are the ducks from in that little pic?

  4. I know what crazy looks like, and an over grown 'garden'. Glad tyo hear you taking some time back. xxx

  5. If my boy called me a panda it would be a compliment of the highest kind! He is a panda freak (love it)
    I hear you in the craziness of life and how important it is to stop and just BE with the kiddies.
    Thanks for sharing, friend xx

  6. oooh, that's a great analogy!! totally stealing that one!

    and yes, my kids DO think i'm soft...and probably a little squishy...and matronly.../SIGHHHHH ;)

  7. I'm so totally hearing you on this one! Good on you taking that extra time for some extra caring, I definitely need to do this also. That note to you is ADORABLE! X

  8. I love that note! A soft panda sounds like a really special thing. Comfortable, warm, cosy, cute, a safe place to land ... just like any good mum should be :-) Yep, I'd like to be known as a soft panda too!

  9. Aww. That's lovely. Just a hug and being told 'Mummy I love you' in the mornings puts a smile on my face.
    Families are special things.
    Take care.

  10. LOVE that note
    Hope your keeping it someone safe and special
    Family - gotta love them xxxxx

  11. What a beautiful metaphor that for so many of us is the reality of day to day life. I love your inspiring family life posts, thank you so much for keeping it real.

  12. Well, have loads of fun together during the holidays Kristy!! Enjoy all that time together. I totally get the overgrown garden analogy, wonderful metaphor. I hope others do the same sort of thing. I know we will. Thanks for the reminder xxx

  13. Oh man... LOVE!
    This post is so very very true... I know sometimes I'm so busy running around for everyone else and then the penny drops... My most beloved ones are missing out on my time/attention... They need me...They love me the most..They deserve me the most!! So I drop everything and give myself a "wake up call" and put things back in the order they should be!! :)
    Love you Mrs Panda xx

  14. Anonymous11:19 am

    lol the panda thing reminded me of something my son wrote in his mothers day card last year:

    hugs to you!

  15. Ellymay1:03 pm

    Never be to busy to sit down and smell the flowers, gardens take a lot of loving and weeding but the end result is always worth while. Sounds like Daddy times, Mummy times and spouses times need a bit of attention.

    Love you dearly Kristy.x x

  16. great garden analogy :)

  17. Don't have much time for the garden anymore and sure miss it. Great article thanks for sharing.


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