By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

It's the eve of my eldest boy's birthday - tomorrow we will have a 16 year old in our home. Sixteen! Old enough to start learning to drive.  Old enough to leave school (not that we are going to let him).  I remember turning 16 just the other day - it seriously feels like it was just the other day anyway!

Sometimes it hits me as I sit around our dinner table with the family... there were years and years of high chairs, bibs, plastic plates and sippy cups and wiping sticky hands and faces with cloths. Years of helping to cut up meals and conversations that were simple and oh so cute and interesting.  I remember looking at the small people gathered around us two adults as we sat having meals together - what busy and exhausting years they were, although precious and fun.

Sometimes I get a shock as I survey the scene around our dinner table now - there are no more high-chairs or cloths for sticky hands and faces needed.  No longer do my children need me to cut up their meat for them and boy the conversations have changed.  Now instead of cute phrases, tired cries and the odd tantrum there are loud voices, witty jokes and conversations that have us in stitches.  As I sit looking around the table, I almost lose my husband in amongst the tall guys and growing girls gathered around.  The seasons are changing.  Those years with young babies and toddlers have passed, and we are entering a new phase, a new season.

Yesterday also marked the start of a new season here in New Zealand - Winter.  I've noticed that with a season change often comes feelings - sadness at the passing of the previous season and all it entailed, but also joy with things to look forward to.  I'm already mourning the loss of the warm summer sun, the fact that my washing is often getting rained on now and missing the long evenings where you could stay outside til late, pottering in the garden or going for a walk.  But there are good things to look forward to in this season too - warm fires, cuddly blankets and jumpers and warm soups shared for meals.  There is also the fact that a new season will follow after this one - something to look forward to.

Season come and seasons go - and one thing I've learned is that this one thing can not be changed, the only thing that can be changed is my attitude towards them and during them.  Time cannot be stopped, and all I can do is make the most of each moment.

A trap us humans often fall into is being caught in a constant state of dissatisfaction - we usually always find something to moan about in the season we are in.  Whether it's the freezing coldness of winter, or how hot summer is - the same goes with the seasons of our lives.  We moan about being single and can't wait to meet that special someone, but then we moan about them once they have been found.  We moan about our messy toddlers and home, then mourn the silence when they are gone.

Every season has it's good points and bad - and the art of being 'seasoned' at enjoying life is to notice and draw out those good points about the season we are in, and not give too much of our time an attention to the negative points.  Every season has it's purpose, every season will pass - make the most of your season now, and each season to come.

Seasons change, they come and go.  Family dynamics change, our situations change, things don't remain the same as they once were.  Sometimes we can enter new seasons with worry or sadness, sometimes with joy and excitement.

One day I'm sure there will be meals with just Symon and I - no longer the loudness of a busy home. While at the moment the idea of just the two of us eating quietly together seems like a rather exciting prospect (finally, some peace and quite and less mess to clean up!), I'm sure I will miss those days with all the hustle and bustle when they have gone.

Let's embrace the season we are in now - every minute of it.  The fun and laughter and at time sheer exhaustion.  Maybe it's a quiet season for you - enjoy the rest and peace.  Maybe it's a tough season for you with tears and sorrow - I pray that you find comfort and joy and hope on the horizon of a new season ahead.

Whatever the season, I'm so thankful that through it all, God remains the same, and with His help we can find purpose and hope, no matter what the season.

"For everything there is a reason, and a time for every purpose under heaven." -Ecclesiastes 3:1

If you're struggling... what is something great about this season you are in?    What is something you are looking forward to in the season ahead?  What is something you are going to miss once this season has passed?

Here's to new seasons and the passing of others.  Here's to becoming seasoned at living fully in each season and finding the joys that every single one has hidden for us to discover.

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  1. I smiled reading this ... I can almost hear the busy ness of meal times and I def can imagine the laughter !!!
    So much truth in your words ... It is about how we look at things
    Loved this post

  2. WOW, PJ! Goosebumps!!! This totally resonates with me. I catch myself looking at my two primary schoolers jumping out of the car and waving goodbye in the morning and think, "This is the last year of this" - next year, we'll have one at high school (gulp) one and intermediate and only ONE left at primary school. I sometimes catch almost-glimpses of the ghosts of my once-were-babies rattling down the driveway on the trailer trike... at the time those days felt like they would be here forever. But now, the chaos and cuteness has been replaced by what now IS. And will be also gone soon enough. THANKYOU for writing this. It's beautiful and true and wonderful. (And WOW, 16??!?! unbelievable!)


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